Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding cake-in-the-middle-of-the road

A wedding is a very happy and special ceremony between two people who are willing and ready to share their lives together and it is believed that in a wedding there should be a wedding cake because its a symbol of a perfect and a healthy marriage. So what if the wedding cake ends up in the middle of the road?

it was a busy saturday morning in Knysna and everyone who is everyone was gettinng ready preparing for Thandi and Nathi's wedding. The couple were dating for only two years when Nathi suddenly asked for Thandi's hand in marriage, it was the happiest day in Thandi's life and became a night mare when her parents refused to give them their blessings. "You hardly know anything about this man Thandi" her mother had said, but all her dauughter said was that she and Nathi loved each other and that is all that matters. "i will marry him mama with or without your blessings" those were Thandi's last words to her mother.

during the wedding preparation, nothing went right. everytime she went for her dress fittings her designer told her she had gained weight and had to start all over again. the caterers cancelled on the last minute but Thandi did not give up she continued and her best friend told her "Thandi you really need your parent's blessing for you marriage to be a success" but Thandi couldn't care less. on her wedding day when Nathi was transporting the cake to the hall, the cake suddenly fell in the middle of the road and  thandi burst into tears. Thandi's family and friends said to Thandi, this was a sign that she could not get married without her parents blessings. thandi also thought to herself how can i marry Nathi when our wedding cake is in the middle of the road, where will our marriage end up?......

wedding cake falls before the wedding, reciepe for disaster!!
Everyone was waiting in the altar, wondering whether Thandi will show up or not with her wedding the cake still lying in the middle of the road.

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